I have a hard time understanding what the word love means.  At times I have not loved people. At times I have acted loving while in my heart I was not loving.  At times I have withheld things that would have helped others. At times I have thought I was more important than others. I have struggled to love others. .  

If you are struggling in life, one of the reasons you may be struggling is that you may be struggling loving . 

I believe if you are struggling loving, this can be because you do not know the truth about God. 

This can be because of communication about  God that is not true. This can be because you have had God misrepresented to you.  

 I believe if you know in your heart how loving God is,  you will be more able to represent God's love. 

Humans cannot change the meaning of the word love. They can represent (or misrepresent) it. 

Would you be satisfied if all you did was help other people succeed? 

Would you be willing to be made a spectacle of to help? Would you be willing to loose all sense of dignity to help? Would you be prepared to loose the dream or purpose  that is you to help? 

Could another's prosperity be more important than yours? Could another's emotional well being be more important than yours? Could another's dream or purpose be more important than yours? Could another's promotion be more important than yours? Could another's idea of improvement be more important than yours?

Would you give up your dream or purpose to see another's dream fulfilled?    Would you give up your job so another could have a job? Would you give your house  so another can have a house? Would you give your education so another can be educated? Would you give  your career so another can have one? God Himself would reveal Himself to you. He would reveal that He loves you so much that He would. He would bring you to a place of knowing Him that you would know that nothing to God is more valuable than you

There is no obstacle, no lack, no hurt, no past mistake, no grievance to great to the one who fully knows the extent of God's acceptance. If you and I are struggling in life it is most likely because we are struggling to know how much God loves us.   

1 John 4:8 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

I believe when you know and accept in your heart how much God in his heart loves you, you will be a lot more able to love from your heart. 

Love: Wanting nothing more than God and in turn others of you to the same extent God wants nothing more than you and in turn others of you.