He Who Wants You to Know He wants You


I have struggled to believe that God actually does want me. I have struggled to understand He actually wants to help me understand He wants me.

According to God, God is Love. , Everything God does must be actually genuinely motivated by a desire to help you and I, otherwise He is not Who He Is. Unlike the motivation of myself at times,  He is not being nice to get something in return.

You and I can struggle to understand how God is motivated by His love for us. Because we struggle with this we often refuse to accept His provision.

. If you and I do not understand Who He Is, it is not because of Him, it is because of us. He would reveal Himself so much that we could begin to trust Him. That He is not becoming a "friend" to hurt/ use us. . That He wants to become our friend because He genuinely wants us. That He is hurt more than us when we don't want to be part of Him. That He would prefer to cease to exist than not have a future with you.