For All of You:

Various fears, hurts and disappointments can be holding you and I back in our lives. You may or may not have tried freeing yourself .    When you are finally free from all that is holding you back, the purpose that is truly you will be allowed full expression, who you are will be turned into reality. 

For those without the will to live: 

At this very moment you have a certain deep inside feeling. This feeling is a deep inside longing that is hard to describe in words. At times this feeling becomes more intense than at other times. This feeling you have is to feel of value. You need to feel of value more than anything else in the world.  You have tried to change the way you feel but it has not worked. Other people may have tried to make you feel appreciated but it was on a superficial level and it did not last.  You have tried different medications.You have tried different jobs. You have tried different religions. You have tried different friends. You have tried different relationships etc, but still the deep feeling inside remains.


Is this any of You? 

If you have any negative emotion, welcome. 

If you cannot control what you do and say, welcome

If you are not accepted by anyone, welcome

If you are overweight, welcome

If you try to lose weight and cannot, welcome

If you try to work and cannot, welcome.

If you try to sleep and cannot., welcome

If you try to have friends and cannot, welcome.

If you try to talk and cannot, welcome.

If you try to be happy and cannot, welcome.

If you try to exercise and cannot, welcome.

If you find it impossible to trust anyone, welcome.

If no one understands you, welcome.

If you cannot talk to people about what has happened, welcome.

If your life is empty, has no meaning, and is full of loneliness, welcome.

If you find it impossible to control what you say and do, welcome

If you are always nervous and often cannot sleep, welcome.

If you like to stay away from people, welcome.

If you cannot remember or have never felt "really good", welcome

If what people say does not seem to register with you, welcome.

If you seem to not look good, welcome.

If you say things that do not make sense, welcome.

If it seems no matter how hard you try, you always end up where

you started, welcome.

If you struggle to find yourself and have let yourself go, welcome.

If you struggle to get out of bed and are afraid of the day, or worse

still have fears at night, welcome.

If you have panic attacks (a fear you are dying), welcome.

If you are in a dark place and feel you are all alone, and have

the pills ready for the right time, welcome.

If you are angry at others and you feel they have caused your pain, welcome.

If you don’t care if you live or die, and no one else seems to be

there for you, welcome