Some more quotes

I am not a person who has found it easy to forgive. I thought God hated me, and did not want to forgive me. 

I am not a person who has been "free of guilt." I been full of guilt. If I ever manage to be guilt free it has nothing to do with me. I have struggled believing God would forgive me. I thought He hated me.

If your anything like me, you have struggled thinking God would look after you better than you look after you. You think God is some sort of psychopath Who hates your guts. 

If God is like some of the people you and I have met you would be mad to want to get to know Him. If He is anything like what the religions say He is like, He isn't worth knowing, why would you want to know a psychopath?

What we have been told about God is all wrong. God would prefer to cease to exist than not have a future with you. This is a God actually worth serving, not some psychopath the religions say He is. And having loved them He loved them to the end....Jesus Christ. 

Plenty of atheists and unreligious folk behave more like Who God Is than many folks that are religious. When did the atheists last legalise the beheading of someone for blasphemy? When did the unreligious folk last not talk to you because you did not go to "their" special group?

If you want to give people a future, all you have to do is allow Who God Is to be correctly represented through you.

Many people think they know Who God Is, but do they?. 

If you have to doubt, doubt the deception. . Doubt what ultimately is not real and does not exist. Doubt the lack, doubt the sickness, doubt the fear, doubt whatever is not part of Who God Is and who you are. 

Last time I checked, humans had messed up this planet pretty bad. I think it is time to give the bloke upstairs a little breathing space to sort this mess out. 

I guess a chap gets to a point where he gets that sick of the mental illness, the family breakdowns, the suicides, the murders, the wars, the wasted lives, the obesity, the drug addictions, etc, that he allows Who God Is to be correctly represented. 

People cannot change Who God Is, they can either represent Him or misrepresent Him and misrepresent Him they have. 

Humans have misrepresented God something shocking, look at the mess it has got them in. When did you last turn on your tv.

After all that I was was no more and all trust had gone, it was the selfless actions and words of those who represented Who God Is correctly that helped restore who I am and allowed me to trust Who God Is once again. I owe a debt I cannot repay. I thank you. Without you, there would be no me. 

Don't worry, God is not like me, He is not a hypocrite. 

I have failed many times to represent Who God Is, I have failed to forgive, I have thought in ways that were not pure, I have been full of pride, I have lied, I have acted disrespectfully, I have acted selfishly, I have committed what God calls adultery, I have acted in ways that bring disrepute to God, I have misrepresented God financially, I have acted in ways that failed to acknowledge He Who made me, I have thought and acted as if I looked after me better than God would look after me, if you are wanting to look at someone who has perfectly represented Who God Is, don't look at me. 

There is no obstacle, no lack, no hurt, no past mistake, no grievance to great to the one who fully understands the extent of God's acceptance.

I have struggled to understand that God actually wants to accept me and forgive my many faults. I have thought He did not want me and that He hated me. 

If I ever amount to anything in life it has nothing to do with me, ultimately I didn't make me or any of the things that allowed me to amount to something. 

The ultimate author of truth is He Who Is Truth, and not I

. If I ever have a purpose and motivation it is not from me, it is from God, as when I did not have one I could not create one. 

If I manage to trust God it is because He has proven trustworthy, I have thought He did not want me, and that He hated me. Have you ever tried trusting a psychopath? 

The God Who allowed Someone to give Himself up for you Who He valued more than His eternal existence. The Someone Who valued a future with you more than His eternal existence. This Someone is the exact representation of God (Who God Is). This Someone is Jesus Christ, the One and only begotten Son of God. 

If you want to meet people who represent Who God Is like, in many cases you would be better off down at the local pub, than in many religious institutions.

The God Who would prefer to cease to exist than not have a future with you. A future without you is no future at all.

For those of you that want to help God , allow Him through His Son Jesus Christ to come and have a future with you.

For those of you who have received Who God Is, God made you to be you. You can help Him by allowing Him to help you trust Him and in that place represent Who He Is to others. You are of great value to God, God places a greater value on you than He places on Himself.