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You and I

The motivation and purpose of this communication is to help you. 

 Many of you have imagined something is true when it is not true.  The absence of truth has killed many of you. It has hurt you deeply. The hurt is so deep that you no longer trust people. You no longer have any happiness and peace. You  no longer seem to have any meaning. Many of you have imagined that God hates you and does not want you. Many of you have imagined that He doesn't exist and if He does exist He is like the people that have hurt and rejected you. That He is like the person you trusted most that betrayed you. That He is like the parent that said they loved you but did not want you. 

This website has been set up in an attempt to help you. Some of you are struggling in life because of what has happened.  It is my hope that within the pages of this site you receive certain truths that  help you overcome some of the deep hurts in your life..  For many of you, experience will be the only way to help you receive these certain  truths. 

 Of myself I know nothing that is true, everything true that I know I have received from He Who Is True. 
He Who is True has only ever wanted you.    
kind regards,
Tim Heywood.