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Career Advice: Unleash Your Inner You

  I have struggled at times to hold a job. Many of the jobs I held I did not enjoy.  What should I spend my life doing? 

Often humans try to improve their lot in life via external means. These include resumes, an education, dressing in a certain manner, speaking in a certain manner, etc however the focus on external means may actually be counterproductive and end up limiting an individual.   . The prioritization of personal development over what a person does externally  can be more productive. Why not unleash your inner you?   

Currently you  are at varying levels of success in the dream or purpose that is truly who you are.  Any time, effort, money etc spent by you outside of the dream or purpose that is truly you is wasted.  The misplaced time, effort and money etc results in a rather large opportunity cost. 

The ability to completely walk in the dream or purpose that is truly you comes about when you are free from all and any negative emotion that has kept you spending time, effort and money in other pursuits.  Life on this planet  has not been easy and the hardship you  have encountered has influenced your thinking and your emotions.

Both you and I no longer completely understand that all and everything we require already exists.  Without even being consciously aware of it, we have attributed the financial struggles, the health failures, the family problems, the negative relationships, etc  to Someone we may not even be consciously aware exists. How can you trust someone we think hates us? This has prevented us from completely trusting God, Whoever He Is.  We believe He has not and is not willing to provide all and everything we need. 

  Of yourself you cannot trust God, otherwise you already would.  You  will never trust God unless God is willing and able to show you Who He is really like. If He is not willing and able there is no point in your existence.  Once you have received the correct understanding of Who God Is, you will begin to trust Him. 

Once you start to trust God, there is nothing that can prevent the dream or purpose that is truly you from coming to pass. No lack of ability, no lack of money, no criminal record, no lack of a degree, no lack of a family, nothing can come between you and the dream and purpose that is truly who you are. 

The dream or purpose that is truly you is also known as your heart's desire. 

Psalm 37:4 
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart's desires.Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this: