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You were made to be you.

If you are struggling in life one of the reason(s) you may be struggling is you maybe struggling being who you are.  

Often we can try to improve our lot in life via external means. This can include getting a good looking resume, getting an education, dressing in a certain manner, speaking in a certain manner, etc however the focus on external means may actually be counterproductive and end up leading you to be someone you are not. The prioritization of personal development over what you do externally  can be more productive.    

Currently you  are at varying levels of success in the dream or purpose that is truly who you are.  Any time, effort, money etc spent by you outside of the dream or purpose that is truly you may end up being wasted.  The misplaced time, effort and money etc can result in a rather large opportunity cost. 

The ability to completely walk in the dream or purpose that is truly you comes about when you are free from what  has kept you spending time, effort and money etc,  in other pursuits.   Not having what you think you need can keep you from being who you are.

God from his heart willingly wants you to be all He made you to be.   When you know (know in your heart) God, I believe you will be a lot more able to know that God willingly wants to provide what you need to be all He made you to be.  So one of the ways to help you be who you are  is to help you know God in your heart 

Once you start to trust God, there is nothing that can prevent the dream or purpose that is truly you from coming to pass. No lack of ability, no lack of money, no criminal record, no lack of a degree, no lack of a family, nothing can come between you and the dream and purpose that is truly who you are. 

The dream or purpose that is truly you is also known as your heart's desire. 

Psalm 37:4 
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart's desires.Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this: