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The political process

 Politics,  as with all human behaviour, is largely influenced by the collective subconscious present in the mind of the electorate. 

The collective subconscious is the shared beliefs of a society at any given time. It is also known as culture and varies with time.  Genetically similar societies tend to share a relatively uniform collective subconscious. Assimilation of genetically dissimilar societies is common, accommodation of the same is not. All societies are not homogeneous and the collective subconscious  refers to the individual subconscious taken as a whole, not that of the individual. 

In a democratic country the collective subconscious gives rise to political power, government, and legal system.  Current political policy of different countries provides an insight into the state of the international collective subconscious and therefore the collective subconscious of the planet. For the purposes of this discussion the collective subconscious refers only to that of a particular society, not that of the planet as a whole. Please note that in the event of a one world government the collective subconscious will reflect that of each member nation. 

The lack of understanding present in an individual mind tends to be present in a societal mind. The tendency for the individual mind to not see the inadequacy of the individual becomes the tendency for the society to not see the inadequacy of the society. In such a situation  the collective subconscious behaves as the individual. When a deficiency is felt by an individual, the individual will engage in thought and then behaviour in an attempt to meet the required deficiency. When society feels a deficiency the society will engage in thought and then behaviour in an attempt to meet the required deficiency. The exact outworking varies according to the collective subconscious and the evolution/ de-evolution of the means to meet the said deficiency.