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Self is the amount of you in the mind. . A selfish person has inward thinking of themselves removing the motivation to help others.A selfless person does not have as much inward thinking thereby motivating the individual to help others. All humans are selfish to varying extents.  Without a Higher Power, we are pure self (us). However all humans have received varying levels of truth in the mind from a Higher Power (understandings of Who He is) allowing varying levels of thought that is not totally self centered.  This happens to those that do not profess a belief in Him and it happens in those that do. Those that do not profess a belief in a Higher Power  if they have understood some of the very nature of the Higher Power  can live a more selfless life than others that may profess a belief in a Higher Power albeit without the accompanying understanding of Who He is. 

Once humans have within the subconscious the incorrect understanding of Who He is, the subconscious defaults to reliance on self to fulfill the basic needs that no longer are seen as being supplied by Him. This reliance on self or independence from Him ultimately causes inward thinking and ultimately leads to relationship problems, criminal activity, religious problems, fear, guilt, insecurity, hurt, etc.

Of ourselves we cannot create what only He can create and therefore reliance on self instead of Him can lead to a life that is only concerned with supplying the self with what has already been created for the self by Him. Different unique subconscious filters (genetically determined personalities) tend to lack understandings in certain areas. This ultimately gives rise to the differences in religious tendency and materialism seen in genetically different races of people.