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Openness is the ability to have no hidden emotional feelings/ thoughts. Openness to people's inadequacy allows for the gradual removal of the mask that is subconsciously constructed to hide the many short comings. Humans subconsciously create this mask whenever a perceived lack is present. This  occurs in an attempt to create the perceived lack. The mask prevents incoming contradicting thought to enter the subconscious thereby preventing the mask removal. 

The subconscious attempt to create the perceived lack  is the cause of most if not all behaviour that cannot consciously be controlled.  The mask is therefore a symptom of this deep thinking and is closely associated with  the resulting constant negative emotion.. In an attempt to deal with the underlying subconscious thought process it is conjectured that if the individual is open about his/her inadequacy the mask may be removed. Once this mask is removed the correct incoming thought will be allowed to enter thereby rectifying the perceived lack. 

Openness cannot be brought about by human effort alone. Rather every thought/ emotion will fight against openness. Such a struggle will end in defeat unless a higher power is involved. 

Due to hurt which is to painful to mention I have become emotionally closed. In my emotionally bankrupt state I ask you for the openness that you only can create.