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Save the World

In order to save the world you must first ensure that you and your fellow man have good emotional well being in order to prevent fighting/ crime. Then you must prevent you and your fellow man from believing untrue things about the world and you/ your fellow man. This will ensure that you prevent the wasting of you and your fellow man's time and money on military spending, on wealth speculation, on consumables, on debt repayments, on preventable health, on subsidies that do not help, etc. This will liberate not only yourself, but also your fellow man with the resources necessary to embark on truly saving the world.  

In the first stage of your journey you realize that if you could remove the deception from your/ your fellow man's mind you would have already done so. In your desperation you begin to understand that a Higher Power  exists that must make truth, and it is He, not you/ your fellow man that has the ability to save the world. This truth is not revealed to everyone, otherwise all would know this Higher Power. Rather  the understanding of this Higher Power is is revealed to those who seek it. Furthermore the desire to seek the truth is not something you/ your fellow man can create, otherwise you would continually seek truth. You realize that it is He, not you that has created within you the desire for truth.  Has it not been said that For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things? 

You do not have the ability to save the world unless a Higher Power that has given you the ability to do so. You acknowledge your inability to of yourself save the world. You begin to understand that He Who creates the desires of the heart must also create within you a desire and ability to save the world. At this point your understanding of the Higher Power is has increased sufficiently to  benefit you/ your fellow man's life.

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