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Mental Illness

  Mental Illness is caused by many different and combined factors including genetic, physical injury, diet, and exercise. The largest cause of mental illness which in turn influences each of the other potential causes of mental illness is thinking that is not true. This includes any conscious and any subconscious thinking that is not true. As the subconscious mind controls what the conscious mind thinks, incorrect subconscious thought patterns are ultimately the cause of incorrect conscious thought and therefore mental illness. Conscious thought patterns associated with mental illness typically  form specific patterns, these specific patterns represent underlying faulty subconscious thought pattern(s). The underlying faulty subconscious thought patterns (perspective of reality) suggest  that humans can create something that humans cannot create.  As such they are defined as a psychological disorder. A psychological disorder will result in negative emotions, which in turn will lead to behaviour that cannot consciously be controlled. This can then lead to a physical event in the brain (mental illness). What initially causes humans to think they can create what they cannot create is a loss of the correct understanding .

The absence of the correct subconscious thought results in an incorrect perception of reality relative to the normal functional mind . This will be represented by abnormal brain activity.  Emotional extremes and hallucinations are associated with such neurological hyperactivity. Schizophrenia Linked to Abnormal Brain Waves: Neurological Hyperactivity Produces Disordered Thinking. Once sufficient brain damage has occurred , no known medical cure currently exists to rectify it permanently. On-going medication is currently the most accepted treatment. What the patient knows to be true (perspective of reality) is seen be others as completely  untrue. Attempts to rationalize the individuals distorted perspective of reality are met with failure. The perspective of reality will often remove any and all ability for the patient to trust those normally trusted.Those with the strongest emotional bonds are often last to loose this trust. 

 Behavior will commence that is in alignment with the individuals now distorted perspective of reality, that can be violent in nature. The distorted perspective of reality will bring about intense emotional distress, the associated excessive thought potentially damaging the brain further. Medication to normalize the brain and prevent death will vary, its success determined ultimately by its ability to normalize the incorrect perception. 

Change in subconscious thinking due to family environment. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have supportive parents  both in emotion and deed tend to have a more correct understanding.  Those of us who are unfortunate to have parents that do not want us tend to not have as  correct an understanding.  Click here for childhood link to mental illness.

Change in subconscious thinking due to physical environment. Many of us do not experience the extremes of physical hardship that are present in different places of the world. Many of us have not lost family through war. Many of us have not been bankrupt with our family no longer able to attend schools etc. External factors such as these can and will shape the growing subconscious. For those who already have a rigid subconscious (adult)  the subconscious can be shocked sufficiently to remove the previously established understanding thereby leading to incorrect subconscious thinking and mental illness. Adults that find  environmental extremes damaging to their mental health often are  predisposed through  personality, family environment etc.  Click here for article on financial stress link to mental health.

 Change in subconscious thinking due to genetic influences. The subconscious is not truly neutral as each of us is born with a unique subconscious (genetic) also known as personality. This unique structure with correct and proper information allowed through from the conscious mind develops into a mature and rigid structure with sufficient rigidity to withstand external shocks (contradicting incoming stimulus is held out). In addition, the relative plasticity of the subconscious varies. Depending on the structure of this subconscious (genetic ) we are predisposed to think along certain lines . For this reason, the environment alone does not cause mental illness. Click here for genetic link to mental illness. 

In addition to the above it is possible that the subconscious, like any part of our body, has its structure changed somewhat by forces outside its control. Brain injuries can result in a changed subconscious.  The subconscious has to be taken as a whole, with no part being esteemed any higher than the other. The reliance of the subconscious as a whole indicates that if certain supportive structures are  modified, the subconscious as a whole could potentially be modified so significantly as to result in a change in personality. Click here for personality/ other changes after physical brain injury. 

If the subconscious as a whole is currently set in a rigid incorrect structure the potential exists to strategically and beneficially modify the structure . This practice was known as lobotomy and was preformed on various criminal/ mental elements with varying success.  Click here for beneficial mental health outcomes from electroshock. 

Hormones, emotions normally trigged by subconscious thought, can also be caused by forces external to thought. Although obesity is often caused by people subconsciously trying to make themselves feel better, people that are emotionally whole yet choose to eat excessively can find their emotions influenced in a negative way. In addition, those who regularly exercise tend to find emotional benefit over and above the changed thought patterns that accompany such exercise. This must be considered with the knowledge that those who have better mental health (positive emotions) tend to be more motivated to exercise.  Click  here for article about obesity link to mental health.Click here for article about exercise linked to benefits in mental health.  

The main cause of mental illness is incorrect understanding which can be influenced/ caused by any of the above factors.  The typical symptom(s) of mental illness are excessive conscious thought (worry) and constant negative emotion caused by the subconscious  not receiving the correct and proper information through the conscious mind resulting in an incorrect understanding. This faulty understanding filters out contradicting incoming stimulus thereby preventing any positive incoming thought the ability to correct the understanding. In situations were the subconscious changes from incorrect to correct thinking, the typical rigidity normally found in the adult mind is often lost. All that is required is some external shock and the incorrect thinking again occurs resulting in further mental problems. 

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