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The Mind


The conscious mind contains thinking a person is consciously aware of.  Thinking a person is not consciously aware of occurs in the subconscious. When there is an absence of truth in the subconscious, the subconscious will override conscious thoughts made in an attempt to control such behaviour.


The five senses transmit information from the environment through the conscious mind and into the subconscious depending on the existing nature of the subconscious. The subconcious will restrict or allow thought depending on the way of thinking (beliefs or perspective of reality)  that a person has.  


As a result, the subconscious filter changes according to the information that is received (allowed through) from the conscious mind.


A person with strong beliefs or strong perspective of reality will have a restrictive way of thinking as the filter will not permit many thoughts in opposition to the existing perspective of reality.


A person with weaker beliefs or a weaker perspective of reality will have a more permissive way of thinking as the filter will allow many thoughts in opposition to the existing perspective of reality thereby allowing rapid change of a person's perspective of reality.


  It is beneficial to have a strong beliefs that are true, as this will shut out conscious thought patterns that are not true.  However strong beliefs that  are not true are very restrictive.


It is thought that true conscious thought may be able to restore truth to the subconscious thereby changing a restrictive perspective of reality.  Conscious thought that is proven to the individual has the power to change the existing perspective of reality.  (The truth has the power to change a person's perspective of the truth). Once this has occured, the five senses will relay a correct perspective of information already present in the environment that has been shut out due to a distorted perspective of reality (subconscious), and will shut out incorrect perspectives of information in the environment. (By helping you realize the reason why of yourself you cannot create anything other than decision it is hoped a subconscious change may occur). 


The universal belief system/ universal truth is the subconscious filter that allows only truth and shuts out the absence of truth.


If you have nothing and you cannot create anything, you will never have anything unless Whoever creates everything has already created everything.

Your brain was never meant to think what you have been thinking.

Emotions are to the brain what pain is to the human body. The brain has been wired in such a manner as to think in a certain way. When thoughts do not line up with this certain way negative emotions occur. These negative emotions are meant to suggest to the individual that what they are thinking is not correct, however what they tend to do is direct the brain to alleviate these emotions through various activities. These various activities have been known to provide temporary emotional release, and when the individual tries to consciously override such activities he or she is unsuccessful. 

The brain when thinking in a manner it was created to think  allows the individual complete emotional wholeness. When the individual has received complete emotional wholeness he or she tends to engage in activities other than what previously was engaged in prior to receiving correct thought.  Hence the saying when the mind is free your dream will be.